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Introducing Fresh Choices! The app that allows you to view food items at all times and can be personalized to remind you of when food is about to expire!

Never waste food or money again!

After grocery shopping, take a few minutes to input your items into the app! Simply type in your purchase, a drop down will appear with commonly purchased items, and the expiration will automatically be calculated for you! Purchased an item that’s not in the drop down? No problem! Manually type it in and select an expiration date!

Along with reminders, Fresh Choices also links you to recipes!

Can’t use your food in time? FInd the nearest food shelter around you!

And finally, keep track of your purchases by taking a picture of your receipt and store within the app! Perfect for budget tracking as well!

What are you waiting for? Make the Fresh Choice!

Fresh Choices notifies you when your food is going to expire so you can reduce waste, save money and ensure your food is safe to eat!


Updated App Store Screens! :)

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