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The Belfast Telegraph News app gives you quick and easy access to the latest breaking Northern Irish news, opinion and analysis from the Belfast Telegraph.

Keep up to date with the latest sport, business, lifestyle and entertainment stories from our award-winning team of journalists, columnists and photographers, including stories from the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life. Our app brings you everything Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life readers enjoy - along with extra benefits for added mobile convenience.


The Belfast Telegraph News app is free to download, but you must register to read some articles and subscribe to enjoy unlimited access.


Favourite features:

- Breaking Northern Irish News alerts that link directly to developing stories.

- Our ‘Top Stories’ provide you with a curated feed of the latest, breaking stories in Northern Ireland from the Belfast Telegraph’s award-winning journalists.

- ‘Popular’ offers you a feed of our most read stories.

- Personalise menus and reorder navigation to access the latest stories that most interest you.

- Bookmark and save a story for reading later.

- Swipe left or right to navigate through stories.

- Use the article text resizer to make the text bigger or smaller in all articles.

- Share articles, photos and videos through your favourite social sharing platform.

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