Balloon Glitter Slime

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Brand new balloon slime & brand new ways to play with glitter fluffy slime. Let’s have crazy slime fun.

How to play:

- Add the ingredients to make no-glue slime.

- Choose the glitter colors you like. So many rainbow glitter colors for you.

- Play with the glitter slime. And let’s have some slime fun first.

- Pour the slime into the balloon. You can make it.

- Tap to keep the rainbow slime in the balloon.

- Play with the balloon slime. It’s so cute.

- Pinch the balloon slime, The circle balloon slime is in your hand.

- Put your balloon slime in a brand new tool and you can find so many slime balls. Go to find the tool.

- Throw the balloon slime to the wall. Do you think they will burst? Have a try.

- Get the new tool to play with balloon slime - the Tire. Use the tire to roll the balloon slime. Guess how many times can the balloon slime burst?

- Get more and more glitters as the rewards and make tons of colorful slime to play with.

- The best and latest slime games to play.


More glitter slime is now ready to play.

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